Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How I do it..

For starters, it took me months and multiple tries to figure it out and get it right, I dont want you to have to deal with that..So here is a few simple things you should do first if you are going to try my methods. 

       Also, yes I am giving away all my secrets and my links!! because I don't want money or promotions from this, I want people to know it's really easy and simple  to save money and be able to do it on their own instead of relying on me to do it for them...that's right, I don't want to make money off you :)

One: Create an email account that you not mind getting "offers" and "signing" up for pages with

Two: I use BLUR (a Google Chrome add-on) To protect me and my kids from spam and trackers etc ..>Plus they have an Auto-Fill form so you don't have to type so much! (So much faster and simpler)

Three: Get a PO BOX or an alternative address to have your samples and coupons mailed to- I did not do this at first and regret it.

Four: Get a routed phone number (Ill post a link) So you are not constantly giving out your number-- Yeap made this mistake too

Five: Make sure you have your JAVA and other "add-ons" up-to-date (for coupons etc)

Six: Check back with my page regularly for updates, links and exclusive offers! Some of the things I will post expire fast (within hours or minutes)

Seven: Make a checklist and always have a meal plan/shopping list to go with your coupons and or samples.

Eight : as soon as you get your products, write it down and write a review (this way you remember the information for the reviews --so you can continue to get free products

Nine: If you have a mobile device please make a folder or be ready to install a few KEY apps to help reward you for shopping - This seriously is key....

lastly Make a Facebook, Twitter, and or instagram account linked to the "mock" email listed in item one. This is important!! Be sure to have as many friends and followers as possible, the more the better!--Follow me on FB I am always posting the latest stuff I find.... So you wont have to search like I do :)


What I Use- (to be updated)

Blur-Google Chrome add-on

Ibotta-Mobile App

Savings Star- Mobile App

Cartwheel by Target-Mobile App

Wal-Mart Savings catcher Mobile App

Checkout 51- Mobile app

And lastly the few pages i check regularly;






 (more to come)

I have noticed you can get a LOT of "free" stuff from external links, but a lot of these require scams, paid offers and promotional contributions.. Please be careful of these sites!

Also When I say "survey site" -- I am referring to sites where you "get a sample" or "buy a product and have to write a review to get stuff in return..some of these sites are legit, some I have yet to see a "reward" for my time and effort...

(they claim they have samples etc, I've yet to receive anything--I've had them for 6 months and all they do is spam my inbox)



FreebieFrenzy- This one is bad for the "must complete one gold,two silver 3 bronze offers to enter for a chance to """

Publishers Clearing house- Yes, They have a reputation, yes people have won, yes they are a "real" corporation with "real prizes" But let me tell you, to actually win or get anything it takes hours, money and scam to get there...even though it says "no purchase necessary"... and they are bad for spamming your email as well.

Listia- Yes it works, But you have to want to basically trade stuff constantly for it to work, You "sell" and your get "points" to buy stuff with....Kind of like a "traders market" They aren't a bad site, but I don't have stuff to get rid of, so I don't use them.

Tuluna- It's a survey site that " offers free stuff" but, again, its been months and I've done surveys and have yet to get any of the "free" stuff they said "was on its way" or that i was "eligible" for...and now days, I log on, and it says "nothing available" so I don't use them anymore either.

I'm sure there is more...Ill update this as often as I can.

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