Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What I'm About and Why I am here!

Hey there! 

So, I guess I should start with an introduction yeah?

         Well, I'm a single mom, veteran and health nut (sorta). I love to save money whenever possible, as long as it doesn't take all of my time and money to do so. I enjoy the outdoors and staying creative. Some of that I'll get into more later, that's not what you are here for. 

       I am creating this page because, unlike Extreme Couponers and major bloggers, I don't get paid to shop and I don't get paid to have my blog either. 

    However, I want to show people that anyone is capable of saving money and getting things free. I've learned a few things over the past 5 months of "attempting extreme couponing".  (I am a product tester as well)

One; It's actually expensive to start couponing-But I can show you how to do it

 Two: It takes way more time than a busy single mom would ever have without help. In my case at least

 It takes a LOT of running from one store to the next, almost every day of the week. 

 You have to have "storage" and be ready to "stock" items to get the best deals

  Be ready to compromise on the things you love--

( for example : if you only use DOVE shampoo, be ready to ditch that often for whatever is on sale, changing your products weekly..Which could be unhealthy or irritant, as well as just plan annoying)

    Who has that much time, gas, or money? Not to mention, who realistically is going to bring their kids along for all that? Not me! LOL.  

          I shop at Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree and my local markets. (depending on the deals). I do however Clip coupons, match deals, and try to save money anyway possible...But, I chose to compromise on "free" so I'm not running all over the place wasting time and money. I am also, very picky about the "items" I purchase and why.

          I am not going to "overwhelm" you with "do this to get that to get this so this is free" like couponers do either. My plan is to have simple "one step" ways to make it easier, So like me, you can clip, go and come home..Because if you are like me, you still have to clean, cook, pay bills and give some little ones baths & help with homework right? Plus, at some point you want that oh so awesome "Me time"! So simple it is :)

           I have done this for about 5 months now, and I read all the "major" coupon websites like " The Krazy Coupon Lady" and "Passion For Savings" to help, but again, their methods require, well too much effort .

           Anyway; I will give credit where credit is do, I will post product reviews, I will tell you the deals I find (*) and I will do my best to post the latest coupons, and even product alternatives! 

           So, There's that :). A lot longer then I had wanted but I wanted to make sure you got the idea and my plan before you started clicking and getting lost :).

          I enjoy ANY feedback also, So if there is anything you have to say, please feel free to contact me. Now Lets get to the basics shall we? 

P-S- I am working on the "grammar" I know I am not the best at that so bare with me as I continue to edit and fix any issues :) Thanks

*disclaimer I do not endorse, own, Represent, or have in any way any affiliation with or guarantee for products, results, pages or personal information. All "deals" are subject to local availability. No products, pages listed, personal information (or in relation) to a product belong to me. This site is solely on personal experience, references and outside resources that I have discovered. I only "own" my opinion. Any information, usage or rights belong to the proper holders of the information, product or pages. 

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